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Hydraulic Driven Boosters and Hydraulic Booster Stations

Hydraulic driven boosters are compressing industrial gases as well as hydrogen. We offer four basic models of HDLE type boosters in pressure ranges from 2 to 900 bar.

General Information

HDLE type boosters are compressing gases at operating temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius for various purposes: mechanical engineering, energy, chemicals, automotive, petrochemicals and the gas and oil industry.

Maximator HDLE-Booster technical data:

Product information:

Maximator Hydraulic Booster Stations

In Austria we provide this hydraulic unit with a variable capacity pump or a fixed displacement pump and an electric motor. The electrical control system allows the independent switching on /off as soon as the preset operating pressure is reached. Shut-off valves, pressure switches and pressure gauges are located at the pressure in- and outlet. You can choose between models with water- or air coolers.

General information:
You will receive this hydraulic compressor as a complete system, the hydraulic unit is included. The modular construction allows an exact adaptation to your individual requirements. Available are single or multi-stage and parallel designs.

You can choose between fixed displacement pumps or variable capacity pumps. Pumps can be provided with an electric motor. Optionally available are an electrical control system, pressure gauges at the pressure in- and outlet, pressure switches and shut-off valves.


The HDLE models operate in the pressure ranges 2 to 50 bar, 5 to 100 bar, 15 to 300 and 30 to 900 bar.



Pressure ratio: 1:0,27

Displacement volume (cm³): 1.844,00

Displacement volume (in³): 112,00


Pressure ratio: 1:0,68

Displacement volume (cm³): 1.492,00

Displacement volume (in³): 91,00


Pressure ratio:  1:2

Displacement volume (cm³): 244,00

Displacement volume (in³): 14,00


Pressure ratio: 1:2

Displacement volume (cm³): 488,00

Displacement volume (in³): 29,00


Pressure ratio: 1:4

Displacement volume (cm³): 120,00

Displacement volume (in³): 7,00


Pressure ratio:  1:4

Displacement volume (cm³): 240,00

Displacement volume (in³): 14,00