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Valve blocks     

MAXIMATOR produces customized valve controls for special applications in a variety of materials like aluminum, gray cast iron or stainless steel.We also build manifolds, valve blocks for hydraulic cylinders and block cylinders.


Manifolds NG06 - NG25 for up to 6 valve stations in aluminum, steel or gray cast iron for operating pressures of up to 315 bar.

Press Control Blocks

Complete press control units NG06 - NG32 with BG-PRÜFZERT-mark

Test specification: prEN 693: 1995 "Machine tools-safety-hydraulic presses".

Special Valve Blocks

Customized circuits; Dimensions, connections and arrangement of the valves can be adapted to your requirements. Material: aluminum, steel or gray cast iron; for operating pressures up of to 315 bar.

Valve Blocks for Hydraulic Cylinders

Cylinder controls with proportional or servo valves and integrated path measurement system in combination with our MMT cylinder series.

Block Cylinders

Short-stroke cylinders, combined with flush valve and rotary feedthrough.