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Hydraulic Units    

MAXIMATOR manufactures hydraulic units and pressure medium containers either according to DIN or to the special requirements of the customers. We also build standardized special containers of 10 to 10,000 l. No matter what requirements you have on the units – we produce special solutions for customer-specific demands as well as industrial solutions.

Compact Units

Oil container volume from 1 to 14 l
Pump output from 0.5 to 8 cc / rev (up to 270 bar)
Drive power for direct and alternating current up to 4 KW

Small Power Units

Shortest delivery times due to a modular vertical stacked system

Aluminum die-cast containers from 14 to 70 l
Pump output from 0.5 to 26 cc / rev (up to 270 bar)
Drive power up to 7.5 KW

Standard Units

Standard containers from 100 to 1500 l with different pumps and valve combinations with or without control electronics; completely installed, tested and varnished

Special Units

Customized hydraulic systems available in 4 weeks. Consulting, design, planning, production and documentation tailored to your requirements.
Take advantage of our many years of experience. We would be pleased to be able optimize your system.
Displacement volume in in3: 14.00